Calling it Quits: When Listening to Your Heart Leads to Difficult Choices

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Recently I quit my job (gasp!) This decision didn’t come easy for me; in fact, I wrestled with it for many months! At the end of the day, the decision boiled down to passion. Although the answer may sound simple, the process has been anything but that. I worked for an awesome company, filled with great people, and was continually challenged. Growth was promising and opportunity abounded. Outwardly, everything seemed ideal. Yet, nothing seemed to fit exactly right.


Ultimately, it was my heart that led me here. I was torn between two tensions and couldn’t live in both realities. I had a choice to make—do the “responsible” thing (#adulting) or follow my heart (#rebel). Hating change and all-things-uncomfortable, I first tried earnestly to do the “responsible” thing. I clocked-in each day, worked hard, and tried to love what I was doing. Yet, at the end of each day, the passion was never there. After months of self ‘pep-talks’, I realized no matter how hard I tried, my heart was never going to be there; this was a turning point.

We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time. – Brene Brown

Change: I love/hate it; I try to embrace/avoid it. To change is to grow, evolve, and become. Without change, things stay stagnant and no growth occurs. So why do I hate the very thing that brings about new adventure and beauty in my life? The illusive ‘unknown’, perhaps? By nature, I am a planner; I am the Queen of to-do lists, spreadsheets, and color-coordinated calendars. So, willingly making the choice to derail my “plan” and switch gears very much felt like throwing caution to the wind and letting go. This is not like me and I don’t typically do this with ease. Therefore, I feel it is time for me to charter this unknown. Am I afraid? Hell YES! Am I curious what awaits me? Absolutely. Do I know what’s next? Not the slightest clue.


Join me as I pen my thoughts on taking RISK, choosing CHANGE, and chasing FREEDOM.

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